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If You Can Avoid a Foreclosure, The SC Supreme Court Says It’s The Way to Go

With a plethora of distressed homeowners these days it is no wonder that the Supreme Court addressed the situation, resulting in an administrative order requiring banks and lenders to present at least two alternative options to foreclosures. Given that there are so many pending foreclosures lurking in the court system at the present time, the… Read More »

Using Real Estate to Leverage the Effects of Inflation

You would think that real estate is the furthest thing from a way of managing finances during a financial downturn. But think again. By investing in a home and immediately putting it up for rent, you can gain the upper hand on the amount owed, resulting in a self-sustained asset that will end up being… Read More »

Understanding the Difference Between Online Resources and a Realtor When Pricing Your Home

The Internet can be a great resource for a host of things centered on buying or selling your home but in some cases, the most you can expect to gain is a basic understanding of things. For something as serious and important as pricing your home to either value it or sell it, relying on… Read More »

1st Quarter 2011-2010 Real Estate Comparison Myrtle Beach, SC

1ST QUARTER 2011- SINGLE FAMILY HOMES Units Sold: 858 Average Sales Price: $214,206 1ST QUARTER 2011- CONDOS Units Sold: 785 Average Sales Price: $137,693 1ST QUARTER 2011- LAND Units Sold: 178 Average Sales Price: $73,245 1ST QUARTER 2010- SINGLE FAMILY HOMES Units Sold: 834 Average Sales Price: $211,629 1ST QUARTER 2010- CONDOS Units Sold: 800… Read More »

Understanding the Importance of Protocol: What Makes The Difference When Pricing Your Home?

Most people don’t think twice when they reach a point of deciding to put their home up for sale. But when it comes down to it, it is not a simple matter by any means. One of the most important factors in selling your home is that it is priced appropriately. If you know just… Read More »

Not Too Shabby, Not Too Chic – Flat but Steady Stats Pave the Way to the Future

As the end of 2011’s first quarter nears, we have already got some trends setting in for the current real estate year in the Grand Strand. I’ve assembled a rundown of February market statistics, including information about how single-family homes performed on the market with inventory, turnover and supply plus also the same for condos… Read More »

Ten Essential Things To Keep In Mind When Pricing Your Home To Sell

Of all the essential things that will need to be done when you embark on the process of selling your home, knowing where you stand in terms of price is quite possibly the most important. Too many homeowners make the mistake of inaccurately pricing their home, mainly because they lack a true understanding of the… Read More »

Buyers Wanting to Buy, Sellers Wanting to Wait!

Translation: Market Stabilization is ON the way One of the best ways to gain insight within the real estate market playing field is to talk to the main players. Who are the main players in this case? Buyers and sellers. With changing attitudes and trends constantly affecting our real estate bottom lines, it’s important to… Read More »

2011 Foreclosure Trends Promise a Brighter Real Estate Future For Myrtle Beach and Surrounding Areas

As we are already beginning the month of February, the first quarter of 2011 shows significant promise for the remaining months of the year. Leading into 2011, the previous year’s numbers in comparison with current statistics are showing a great deal of promise in terms of both foreclosures as well short sales. With an apparent… Read More »

An Eye-Opening Recap of Real Estate Trends; Reviewing the Good (and Not-So-Good) News of the 2010 Market

While the buzzwords of the year have been “short sale” and “low interest rates” other, more promising trends have also been on the rise. As buyers and sellers wait with bated breath for the market to change significantly, the small miracles that we are witnessing by and large are enough to give us plenty of… Read More »

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