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September 2012 Market Update for the Grand Strand

We have been watching our market closely over the past several years and the good news is that as inventory continues to drop and demand rises – there is hope for prices to begin rebounding. And this year’s July report finally corroborates what we have been saying all along. It turns out that in July… Read More »

Real Estate Seasonality

Just as the amusement parks begin to change their summer schedules into the less frequently operating weekend-only days, we begin to see many industries prepare for the new season around the corner. When it comes to real estate, however, particularly real estate in Myrtle Beach, seasons have little to do with the actual outcome for… Read More »

Mid-Year Real Estate Recap for Myrtle Beach and Surrounding Areas

As you already know, I like to keep in regular touch with my valued friends and clients with the latest news in our marketplace. I believe that by delivering these quarterly market reports, you can follow the trends in our marketplace and see the progression of our real estate outlook. Today’s update entails a comparison… Read More »

Grand Strand June 2012 Market Update

It goes without saying that for resort communities, this is the single best time of year where there are plenty of people, lots of economic activity and a livelihood that is second to none. So this season as the traffic picks up and us locals are already maneuvering around the countless tourists, I could not… Read More »

Grand Strand Real Estate Market Update – The Grand Strand

One of the best measures of how our market is performing is to compare sales and home price values from one year to the next. For this market update, we have pulled information pertinent to the first five plus months of the year (in a period from January 1 through May 15), to evaluate how… Read More »

The Outdoor Design Challenge: Three Top Designers Compete to Make Over an Outdoor Space

There is no question that outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular with each passing year. They are very popular in our Myrtle Beach area since our climate is so conducive to outdoor design. We decided to have some fun while also helping our readers get some tips on how they can make over their… Read More »

Grand Strand First Quarter 2012 Market Report

One of the best indicators of how our property market is performing is to gauge the previous quarter as well as the one that passed prior to that. So as always, here are some important figures that we have seen coming out of the first quarter of 2012. Here is an overview: inventory levels are… Read More »

Building Houses Into Today’s Real Estate Environment

There has been a lot of trepidation in the real estate market since it crashed five years ago but all is not lost. We have waited and watched and slowly but surely things are getting better. In fact, this year is got off to a very strong start and I project even stronger months ahead.… Read More »

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