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Introducing a New Resource for Homes in Myrtle Beach

I’m out at Market Common today because this area is experiencing amazing growth, and I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to introduce our new website for real estate in Myrtle Beach: GregSissonRealEstate.com. You can search our local MLS, which is updated every hour! Our new website is beautiful and easy to… Read More »

Should You Get Pre-Approved Before Making an Offer?

Today, I’d like to welcome Michael Himmelrick from New Penn Financial. He’s here to answer an important question: “Should a buyer get pre-approved before getting involved in a transaction?” Most importantly, consult a qualified mortgage lender. They can help guide you through the loan process, so there are no surprises later on. They can advise you on… Read More »

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying in Myrtle Beach

Today, I’m with special guest, Michael Himmelrick, from New Penn Financial. Together, we’re going to answer the question, “What mistakes should buyers avoid when buying a house?” Don’t change a job before applying for a mortgage or before closing. Don’t open new lines of credit. Don’t manage finances between accounts and move money. Ultimately, before making… Read More »

What’s Been Happening in The Grand Strand Market?

Today we’re going to look at the most recent numbers we’ve compiled from February, and compare them to the numbers we saw back in February of 2015. We’ll discuss both the single-family home and condo markets. Let’s get started. Demand for single-family homes in the Grand Strand has gone up considerably in the past year.… Read More »

Don’t Miss out on the Many Exciting Developments Coming to the Grand Strand

There are a few exciting things coming to the Grand Strand in 2016 that you may not have heard of. The first exciting thing is for the kids. Two trampoline parks are coming to town! This will be super fun for families to enjoy! We’re also excited about all the new construction in the area.… Read More »

3 Tips to Prepare Your Myrtle Beach Home for Sale

The busiest selling season of the year is approaching quickly! Today, I’ll share with you three quick tips on how to prepare your Myrtle Beach home for the spring market. Amp up the curb appeal. We don’t want the buyer to keep driving once they see your home for the first time. It’s all about… Read More »

What Does the Future Hold for the Grand Strand Real Estate Market?

Real estate can often be a rollercoaster ride. Markets will boom and then they will crash. It’s just how the market works. So, what can we expect in the Grand Strand for 2016? Well, to make some predictions, I have spoken with some agents in places that our market seems to trail. These places are… Read More »

How Can Professional Photography Help You Sell Your Home?

Just about everyone begins their home search online nowadays (95% of consumers), which makes high-grade photography more important than ever. While browsing photos of homes online, it is obvious which ones were taken by professionals and which ones were taken by the agent listing the property. The biggest difference is how bright and well-lit homes… Read More »

What Can You Expect from the Grand Strand Market in 2016?

It’s time once again for the annual Grand Strand market report! What trends have we seen in the Myrtle Beach area lately and what does it mean for our market? Last year, we saw inventory decrease by 7%. The number that really jumps off the page, however, is the fact that 16% more homes sold… Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Spring to Sell Your Home

Many people try to avoid listing their home during the holidays — but why? Today, we have three reasons why selling during the winter months is actually a great idea: Most homes show better during the holidays. Homes that display seasonal decorations appeal to the emotions of buyers. Buyers already buy on emotion, and Christmas decorations… Read More »

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