When you hire Greg Sisson, you’re hiring a team of dedicated individuals. We’re here to make sure your venture into the real estate market is successful. Greg has spent his life in real estate so you don’t have to and with this many people working on your side, great service and success is in your favor.

Greg Sisson


Greg Sisson grew up in Myrtle Beach watching his father, Gary Sisson, train Real Estate agents all across the country. After graduating from the College of Charleston, and working in Maui, Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe, Greg returned home in 1997 to carve out his own niche in the Myrtle Beach Real Estate market.

Greg specializes in single family homes, residential lots, and condominiums. Whether you are buying or selling, Greg believes in presenting a clear and honest picture of your position in the market so that you can make an informed decision. And his results are astonishing. Since 2008, Greg has personally sold over 100 properties each year – That’s over 500 satisfied clients in 5 years!

Greg is committed to an active lifestyle and enjoys running marathons in his spare time. He and his wife, Stephanie, live in Myrtle Beach with their two children, Steele and Eden.

Stephanie Sisson


Stephanie has that “Didn’t I see you on that TV show?” face because you probably did. When not developing marketing strategies and designing print ads for your listings, Stephanie can be found on television, reporting stories for Time Warner Cable and capturing the wonderfully southern nuances of the Pee Dee region. Her stage name leads many to believe she’s related to Greg, but she promises it’s only by marriage.

Stephanie and Greg enjoy spending time together (even at work!) and love family trips to Disney World with their two children. Stephanie is a licensed realtor and graduate of Coastal Carolina University.

Robin Kirby

Closing Coordinator

Robin once wrote a song for Dolly Parton while on a caribbean cruise. But like many great country songs, disaster struck when an abrupt change in wind direction carried her napkin-scribed lyrics overboard, crashing them into the thirsty waters below. “If only I’d brought my desktop computer with me on vacation,” she commented. Determined to find her long lost and overly salty lyrical masterpiece, Robin travels each year on the same cruise line, charting the same course, spending her vacation on the upper deck with a cocktail and pair of binoculars.

To this day, Dolly has never seen this song, nor knows it ever existed. But that’s ok, because Robin’s our closing coordinator and she’s held her realtor’s license for over 12 years. And she knows that one day, sitting across from her at the closing table will be Dolly Parton. And when that day comes for Robin, she’ll have all of Dolly’s closing documents in order, plus the greatest 5 lines of iambic pentameter scribbled on a napkin the world has ever seen.

A native of Northwestern Virginia, Robin moved to Myrtle Beach in 1993.

Rob Richardson


Rob is our courier. That means he’s putting up signs, installing lockboxes, taking pictures, and helping out the team with miscellaneous tasks. Rob is also a graduate of Coastal Carolina University and he recently acquired his real estate license so don’t be surprised if you see Rob moving up the ranks quickly and selling his own group of 100 homes over the next year.

When not working, Rob enjoys playing guitar, cooking dinner, and watching quality cinema.

Susan Ferguson

Buyer Specialist

Susan grew up in a small town in North Carolina. It was the kind of heartwarming upbringing many of us dream of for our families: a friendly neighborhood where the kids happily run home every night from a friend’s house to sit down for family dinner. There were neighborhood cookouts, cool evening football games, and the smell of freshly mowed lawns on a Saturday morning. It was a place no one wanted to leave.

We know moving can be difficult. But new beginnings also offer opportunities never before possible and that’s where Susan comes in. For 8 years, Susan has worked as a licensed realtor helping buyers open the door to their future. A compassionate listener, she’ll be there to make sure you find the new home in Myrtle Beach you always dreamed of.

Katie Grant

Buyer Specialist

As a child of missionary parents, Katie grew up throughout Europe and lived most of her childhood in a third world country, where she grew to appreciate the everyday things we take for granted – like indoor plumbing. Through her humble upbringing, Katie has grown into a smart, energetic, and loving person, eager to please and attentive to listen – which makes her the perfect fit as our Buyer’s Agent. Katie has been involved in customer service for over 15 years and when she’s not taking care of you, you can find her at home with her best friend (and husband) Cory, and their beautiful identical twin sons.

Cory Grant

Buyer Specialist

Cory Michael Grant. Husband. Father. Licensed Realtor. For years he’s been shaking things up in Myrtle Beach, serving this fine community with spirit and good cheer. As a Buyer Specialist for our team, you can expect a strong work ethic, a great smile, and unprecedented service from Cory. If you don’t believe us, just ask another one of our Buyer Specialists – his wife Katie!

Matt Harris

Buyer Specialist

Born in Iowa among the corn and soybean fields, Matt spent his childhood outdoors with friends sledding and building snow forts in the winter snow. Today, as a licensed Realtor, Matt will find you the home of your dreams – assuming your dream home doesn’t require several feet of snow. Matt assures us all that Myrtle Beach winters are not like Iowa winters.

A husband and father of two wonderful children, Matt has lived in the sunny and warm temperatures of Myrtle Beach for over 19 years.

Robin Coble

Closing Coordinator

With over 12 years of experience in real estate, Robin Coble knows the industry from beginning to end. Robin delivers a professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and personable experience to each client she serves in her position as closing coordinator. Originally from Raleigh, NC, Robin enjoys the beach and spending time with family.

Jennifer Marie Kowalczyk

Buyer Specialist

As a Realtor, Jennifer can show you the best of what’s around Myrtle Beach. Experienced, professional, & hard-working, Jennifer has much to say about the awesome space between the Atlantic ocean and the mainland of South Carolina. She truly loves working and living here, especially creating memories with her husband and three wonderful girls.