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Grand Strand First Quarter 2012 Market Report

One of the best indicators of how our property market is performing is to gauge the previous quarter as well as the one that passed prior to that. So as always, here are some important figures that we have seen coming out of the first quarter of 2012. Here is an overview: inventory levels are… Read More »

Building Houses Into Today’s Real Estate Environment

There has been a lot of trepidation in the real estate market since it crashed five years ago but all is not lost. We have waited and watched and slowly but surely things are getting better. In fact, this year is got off to a very strong start and I project even stronger months ahead.… Read More »

Seeing The Market Through Rose Colored Glasses?

There has been a lot of activity in the marketplace lately and it has been nothing short of dramatic. With mortgage company scandals, government programs, countless foreclosures and distressed properties going up then down and projected to go up again – who knows where we stand today? But the truth is that after years of… Read More »

Moving Out? In Today’s Real Estate Market Which is Better, Renting or Selling?

Contrary to what many experts, news media or analysts may have you believe, market conditions are not as bad as they are portrayed. In some areas inventory is down, prices are up and the general consensus is a positive one, moving up in a positive outlook for the future. But the question does arise when… Read More »

Want to Add Value to Your Home? Get Into the Kitchen and the Bathroom!

Everyone knows that – all things being equal – the first areas buyers look at when considering the purchase of the home are the kitchen and the bathroom. They know they’re heavily-used areas and also the most expensive to upgrade. So, buyers want to know they’re in great shape or need, at most, minor repairs.… Read More »

Three Things That Will Change Your Life – Both Personally and Professionally

As I sat through the conference among colleagues from around the nation and enjoyed the newest teachings of Mike Ferry, I couldn’t help but think about how the concepts could serve the purpose of improving my business life. For three days, the focus was entirely on how to build a strong base of customers for… Read More »

Seven Reasons That An Overpriced Home Can and Will Backfire In a Buyers’ Market

It is fair to say that everyone listing a home on the market would like the home to sell. If not, why would they put it up for sale in the first place? But if you think about it, sellers that are not savvy and choose to ignore selling basics will end up suffering the… Read More »

Living Healthy – Hidden Health Hazards in a Home and How to Manage Them

Rich says that the single biggest mistake homeowners make in terms of the cleanliness upkeep of their homes is not to manage issues in a timely manner. Whether it is the carpet, upholstery, drapes or grout lines and other hardline areas of the house – homeowners need to tend to these things before they get… Read More »

Happy Holidays from Greg Sisson

As we approach the turn of another great year together, I wanted to wish you and your family on behalf of my team, our families and I – a wonderful holiday season. As always, we are ever thankful for your presence in our lives and strive to continue our lasting relationship. May you and yours… Read More »

Closings Up, Volume Up, Flow of Money Good and Appreciation On the Horizon

This week, we had a great time talking with Buddy, owner of EF Hucks and Associates – the premier and long-standing appraisal and consulting firm that has been around guiding us for over 30 years. Buddy walks us through with his answers to some very important questions to help us deal with the current market… Read More »

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