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Waiting With Baited Breath For a New Mortgage Relief Program From the White House

It was not long ago when the government announced an attempt to make home mortgages affordable for homeowners through a program designed to benefit more than several million Americans. That attempt totally backfired when only a fraction of the intended population actually availed the opportunity presented through the Home Affordable Refinance Program – but it’s… Read More »

Precautions, Plans and Preparations – Dealing With Market Volatility

By definition, volatility in the context or financials and/or real estate is “tending to fluctuate sharply and regularly” – so it is no wonder that investors and property owners alike react to unstable conditions in the market. As we rifle through one of the hardest hit economies that hit in the late 2000s and deal… Read More »

The Buying Market for Real Estate is RIPE With Opportunity – Buy A House NOW!

There is no exaggeration when you hear about how the present real estate market is a buyers’ one. Real estate agents, analysts and news media all over the country are constantly alluding to the fact that this market is the best they have seen throughout the life of their career. What are the reasons for… Read More »

Mid-Year 2011 Real Estate Market Recap for the Grand Strand – Level But Not Levitating

As we cross into the second half of a hopefully promising year, there are several comparisons to make that show us how we are doing so far. We are going to take a look at how our market has been performing in terms of Single Family Homes, Condominiums and Distress Sales (Foreclosures and Short Sales).… Read More »

Some Things You Need to Know About Home (and Flood) Insurance This Summer

As we delve into the heart of summer, many of us are starting to see the beginnings of heavy storm season coming on. Hurricanes along our coastlines can hit at any time – rendering many properties useless in mere minutes. The same holds true for devastating tornadoes, strong storms that end up in heavy wind… Read More »

Taking a Closer Look at the Condominium Real Estate Market in the Grand Strand

This week, I thought it would be useful to shine the light on how our condominiums are doing. Since we are among an ocean front region, condos are a hit for our area and as we roll into the summer months leaving spring behind, it’s worth looking at how the market is doing. CONDOMINIUMS ARE… Read More »

If You Can Avoid a Foreclosure, The SC Supreme Court Says It’s The Way to Go

With a plethora of distressed homeowners these days it is no wonder that the Supreme Court addressed the situation, resulting in an administrative order requiring banks and lenders to present at least two alternative options to foreclosures. Given that there are so many pending foreclosures lurking in the court system at the present time, the… Read More »

Using Real Estate to Leverage the Effects of Inflation

You would think that real estate is the furthest thing from a way of managing finances during a financial downturn. But think again. By investing in a home and immediately putting it up for rent, you can gain the upper hand on the amount owed, resulting in a self-sustained asset that will end up being… Read More »

Understanding the Difference Between Online Resources and a Realtor When Pricing Your Home

The Internet can be a great resource for a host of things centered on buying or selling your home but in some cases, the most you can expect to gain is a basic understanding of things. For something as serious and important as pricing your home to either value it or sell it, relying on… Read More »

1st Quarter 2011-2010 Real Estate Comparison Myrtle Beach, SC

1ST QUARTER 2011- SINGLE FAMILY HOMES Units Sold: 858 Average Sales Price: $214,206 1ST QUARTER 2011- CONDOS Units Sold: 785 Average Sales Price: $137,693 1ST QUARTER 2011- LAND Units Sold: 178 Average Sales Price: $73,245 1ST QUARTER 2010- SINGLE FAMILY HOMES Units Sold: 834 Average Sales Price: $211,629 1ST QUARTER 2010- CONDOS Units Sold: 800… Read More »

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