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Seven Reasons That An Overpriced Home Can and Will Backfire In a Buyers’ Market

It is fair to say that everyone listing a home on the market would like the home to sell. If not, why would they put it up for sale in the first place? But if you think about it, sellers that are not savvy and choose to ignore selling basics will end up suffering the… Read More »

Living Healthy – Hidden Health Hazards in a Home and How to Manage Them

Rich says that the single biggest mistake homeowners make in terms of the cleanliness upkeep of their homes is not to manage issues in a timely manner. Whether it is the carpet, upholstery, drapes or grout lines and other hardline areas of the house – homeowners need to tend to these things before they get… Read More »

Happy Holidays from Greg Sisson

As we approach the turn of another great year together, I wanted to wish you and your family on behalf of my team, our families and I – a wonderful holiday season. As always, we are ever thankful for your presence in our lives and strive to continue our lasting relationship. May you and yours… Read More »

Closings Up, Volume Up, Flow of Money Good and Appreciation On the Horizon

This week, we had a great time talking with Buddy, owner of EF Hucks and Associates – the premier and long-standing appraisal and consulting firm that has been around guiding us for over 30 years. Buddy walks us through with his answers to some very important questions to help us deal with the current market… Read More »

Is It the Right Time to Sell or Stay Put and Wait For Change?

These days so many homeowners are wondering if it’s the right time to move on and move up into a better home. So many questions ensue. How long will it take for the market to be back to normal again? Will today’s interest rates go on indefinitely? How can I tell before they begin to… Read More »

How to Make a Buyer WANT Your House! Staging your house, before it’s too late and you lose the sale

If you’ve shopped for a home, chances are you’ve come across one that you really wish you hadn’t visited in the first place. True, houses for sale ought to have a certain “lived in” quality to them, because they are to be lived in after all, but the art of tactfully balancing just the right… Read More »

With Only 11% Distressed Sales on the Market – Now’s the Perfect Time To Sell

Two of most frequently asked questions by my clients and potential clients are about short sales and foreclosures plus whether or not it is a good time to sell right now at the cusp of the Fall season. Distressed Sales Do Not Dominate the Selling Market Contrary to what the media would have you believe,… Read More »

Waiting With Baited Breath For a New Mortgage Relief Program From the White House

It was not long ago when the government announced an attempt to make home mortgages affordable for homeowners through a program designed to benefit more than several million Americans. That attempt totally backfired when only a fraction of the intended population actually availed the opportunity presented through the Home Affordable Refinance Program – but it’s… Read More »

Precautions, Plans and Preparations – Dealing With Market Volatility

By definition, volatility in the context or financials and/or real estate is “tending to fluctuate sharply and regularly” – so it is no wonder that investors and property owners alike react to unstable conditions in the market. As we rifle through one of the hardest hit economies that hit in the late 2000s and deal… Read More »

The Buying Market for Real Estate is RIPE With Opportunity – Buy A House NOW!

There is no exaggeration when you hear about how the present real estate market is a buyers’ one. Real estate agents, analysts and news media all over the country are constantly alluding to the fact that this market is the best they have seen throughout the life of their career. What are the reasons for… Read More »

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