How to Get the Most out of Multiple Offers

If you’re fortunate enough to receive multiple offers when selling your property, there’s one strategy that will help you get the most money possible from the sale.

If you sell a property and have the privilege of receiving multiple offers, there are some strategies that work better than others to get the most money possible.

This is the strategy I implement with my clients in this fortunate position.

We start by going back to the agents representing the buyers who made an offer and tell them that we’re in a multiple offer situation. While we’re grateful for their offer, we request that they go back to their client for the highest and best offer (both price and terms). Once I have all the offers back, I’ll present them to my seller for them to choose from.

This works to your advantage as a seller because it means the buyers are blindly bidding on your home against others without knowing the terms and conditions. It always works best for sellers in this circumstance.

I recently implemented this strategy with a seller who had three offers on their home. One of the buyers left the deal, one buyer stayed with their offer, and the third buyer raised their offer all the way up to full list price. We leveraged the other two offers to get the seller full price for their home.

Whether you’re working with me or another agent, this is a great strategy for anyone with multiple offers. If you have any other questions about this tactic or you’re thinking of buying or selling a home here in the Myrtle Beach market, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to speak with you!