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How to Get the Most out of Multiple Offers

If you sell property here in Myrtle Beach or anywhere else in the country, receiving multiple offers is the dream scenario. Receiving the offers is only half the battle, though. You need to employ a certain strategy if you’re going to turn that bidding war into getting the most money you can for your home sale. I have a strategy for this situation that’s been proven to get the most out of your sale. To learn my strategy, watch this short video.

What Exactly Are Closing Costs, Anyway?

Surely you’ve heard of closing costs, which you pay when you buy a home. Do you know what these costs actually consist of, though? There are actually multiple categories of expenses that make up closing costs. To help me break down all these costs for you, I’ve brought in mortgage lender Ryan Hanson of Finance of America. For the full breakdown of closing costs, watch my latest video.

How Are Rising Interest Rates Affecting the Myrtle Beach Market?

How are rising interest rates affecting the Myrtle Beach market? They’re actually helping, and I’ll explain how. As you may well know, interest rates are on the rise. What does that mean for the Myrtle Beach market? Believe or not, interest rate increases are helping the market. Rates are still around 4.5% for a 30-year… Read More »

Exciting New Developments Coming to the Grand Strand

There are some exciting new developments coming to the Grand Strand, and I want to highlight three of them for you today. First of all, the old Chapin Library is moving from its current location to 9th Avenue and Nance Plaza. There will be a lot of new businesses around 9th and Nance, including a… Read More »

The Window of Opportunity Is Closing Soon for the Spring Market

Today I’m here to answer a common question I’ve been getting. People want to know, “When should I list my Myrtle Beach property for sale this spring?” The answer to that question, at least in The Grand Strand, is now. By the time you’re reading this, it’s around mid-February. The kickoff for our spring market… Read More »

How Did the Grand Strand Market Improve in 2016?

As we begin 2017, we want to give you a recap of the 2016 market. We took a look at the year-end numbers and compared them with what we saw at the end of 2015. Here is what we have found. For single-family homes, inventory is down about 4%, which is a positive for our… Read More »

Our Team Has Some Exciting News

I have an exciting announcement today. We have officially joined forces with RE/MAX. If you see the screen behind me in the video above, you will notice that we have just debuted our brand-new company, RE/MAX First Choice. My wife and I had the opportunity to purchase a new franchise and open up here along the… Read More »

What Can You Accomplish in 2017?

As we approach the end of 2016, I like to sit back and reflect on what did and didn’t go well and look forward to 2017 by setting some goals. I don’t like to talk about resolutions—I like to make goals. I want to make plans for things I want to accomplish. Today, I want… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Condotels

Have you heard of condotels? If you’re familiar with the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, you’ve probably seen a lot of our high-rises and resorts in the area. We call these properties condotels because they are individual condo units that function in much the same way as hotels do. What should you know about them?… Read More »

PLEASE Watch! Beware of Scammers

I just wanted to take a minute today to warn you about a scam involving somebody impersonating me on Craigslist. It came to my attention today that somebody claiming to be me has been running ads on Craigslist telling people to send “me” money so that they can rent out a property. Number one: it… Read More »

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